5 Tea Accessories to Spice Up Your Teatime


5 Tea Accessories to Spice Up Your Teatime


We all know about teapots, teacups and tea trays. But there are a lot more accessories for your tea, from mug-wear to furry friends.


  1. Honey Dipper—Honey dippers are used to get that perfect drizzle in your mug, without the mess. The honey gathers in the grooves of the dipper, which makes transferring the honey to your mug easier than with a spoon. Honey dippers, however, are only useful with jars of honey, not squeezable containers. But both wooden honey dippers and honey jars are a charming addition to your kitchen.


  1. Mug Sweater—We all have a favorite mug, the one we’d rather hand wash to use than wait for the dishwasher to finish its cycle. Why not show that mug some love? Mug sweaters return the favor for that daily pick-me-up. They’re also practical, keeping your mug (and that delightful chai) warm. You can even make your own mug sweater! Visit our Cozy Knits Pinterest board for mug sweater knit patterns and our DIY with Chai board for more creative chai crafts.


  1. Wooden Tea Box—A hot mug of chai is so much more than just drinking tea. It’s an experience. Putting the kettle on the stove, ripping open the tea bag, stirring in your favorite add-ins for a personal touch and, finally, settling into a comfy armchair with a good book. It’s a ritual. And rituals deserve to be treated with care. Instead of keeping your tea bags in the back of your cupboard, store them with love in a wooden box. You can even create your own from an old clementine crate or cigar box from your local thrift shop.


  1. Eco Cup—With each mug of chai, we enjoy the spices of the earth: ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and anise. So why not take care of the earth in return? Skip the coffee shop paper cups and brew your own tea at home, taking it with you in a to-go mug. There are even thermoses with built-in tea hooks. Or simply use an Oregon Chai powdered mix or concentrate for even easier travel.


  1. Kittens—Chai tastes best with a companion. There’s nothing like unwinding with a sleepy cat in your lap and a hot mug of tea in your hands. Summer is “kitten season,” when thousands of newborn kitties enter shelters looking for a happy home and a warm lap. Check your local shelter for a cute, cuddly chai companion. Be warned though, kittens can’t resist the sweet taste of warm chai and they love sleeping in large mugs. The cuteness might be too much too handle.


What goes best with your daily indulgence? Tell us in the comments.

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