Matcha Chai Recipe for Me Time


Matcha Chai Recipe for Me Time

Matcha is a stone-ground green tea powder that originated in China, where brewing and drinking the tea became a ritual practiced by Zen Buddhist monks. Matcha and Zen Buddhism were widely adopted in Japan when a monk brought them over in the early 1100s. Powdered teas fell out of popularity in China but continued to be important at Zen monasteries in Japan, which is why Matcha is known as a Japanese-style tea today.


We’re always on the lookout for a little Me Time, so Matcha’s centuries-old history of Zen meditation naturally attracted us to the bright green ground tea. Plus, Matcha is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, speeds up your metabolism, naturally detoxifies your system, boosts your energy, provides fiber and, our personal favorite, enhances your mood and calms your body and mind.


We decided to create our own version of the traditional Japanese tea that combines the sweet and spicy taste of Oregon Chai with an exotic touch of coconut.


Spiced Coconut Matcha Chai


8 oz Oregon Chai Spiced Concentrate

8 oz Milk or Milk Substitute

1 tbsp Matcha Green Tea Powder

½ oz DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Coconut



Combine the authentic flavor of Oregon Chai Spiced Concentrate with milk or milk substitute and Matcha Green Tea Powder and heat until warm. Add DaVinci Gourmet Natural Coconut and stir well. Once stirred, sit, sip and enjoy the bold flavor of a warm Spiced Coconut Matcha Chai.



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