Sip, Savor, Live: How to Practice Mindfulness


Sip, Savor, Live: How to Practice Mindfulness

Sometimes we get so caught up thinking about everything that needs to get checked off on our to-do lists that we forget to take a moment to simply appreciate the present. Mindfulness meditation is a way to appreciate all the little things in life, from a deep breath to a sip of chai.

Like your afternoon mug of tea, you can make mindfulness a part of your daily routine with a few simple techniques.

Heighten Your Senses
Find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes. Pay attention to all of your senses—the weight of your hands in your lap, the sound of the wind rustling the trees through an open window, the sweet scent of a mug of Oregon Chai.

Concentrate on Your Breath

Next turn your attention inward. While still maintaining awareness of your senses, begin to take deep breaths, in and out. As you breath in, let the air slowly fill your belly. As you breathe out, think about all your thoughts and stresses leaving your body.

Savor Each Moment

Focus on the here and now by being truly present for each moment. One way to do so is to practice mindful eating, which is consciously paying attention to the act of eating. Take a sip of Oregon Chai and notice the blend of flavors like black tea, honey, vanilla and spices. Feel the mug of tea warm your hands as you cup it. Listen to the swirl of a spoon stirring milk into your chai.


Looking for chai to savor while you meditate? This Matcha Chai Recipe for Me Time will help you channel your inner zen.

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