3 Steps to a Handcrafted Holiday Gift Basket


Handcrafted Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

Holiday shopping is a mixed bag of excitement and chaos. From close friends, to distant family and beloved coworkers, the list grows long and weary.


As you pour over the aisles with your best friends and a traveler of chai in hand, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift for that special person on your list. If only it were always that easy.

That’s where we come in. Can’t find the perfect gift? Put all your small ideas in one basket and create your own gift, crafted with a personal touch. Anyone can appreciate a good mix of tea and latte mixes, with practical gifts to accompany it.

How to Create a Holiday Gift Basket:

Step 1:

Visit your local craft store for an adorable basket, bows and extras to decorate your gift for the special person on your list.

Step 2:

Choose the perfect Oregon Chai or Oregon Café flavor for your basket:

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrates:
Oregon Chai Powdered Mix:

Step 3:

Find one or two of the perfect extras to include:

  • Coffee cup knit cozy for the craft java junkie
  • Travel mug for the adventurous chai drinker
  • Milk steamer for the at-home barista
  • Teapot for the traditional steeper
  • Tea set for the social butterfly
  • Desktop mug warmer for the slow sipper
  • Chai-scented candles for the chai addict


Top off your decorations and add in any decor to finish your handcrafted holiday gift.

So cheers to stress-free holiday shopping this year with a personal gift basket for the chai lovers on your list. Happy holidays!

What would you include in your own gift basket? Tell us in the comments.

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