Cross Stitch Patterns for Chai Lovers


Crafting is a great way to reduce stress and create something beautiful for yourself or a loved one. It’s also much easier to justify your weekend-long Netflix binge (hey, we’ve all been there) if you cross stitch while burning through two seasons of The Office. Grab your glass of chai tea and take a look at some of our favorite tea loving patterns that will look totally adorable cheering up your cubicle or hanging in the kitchen next to your tea cups.

Getting Started

If you’re new to cross stitch, never fear. All of the equipment you need is minimal and inexpensive Here’s everything you’ll need to pull off these cute patterns:

  1. Embroidery thread multipack
  2. Embroidery needles
  3. White 14 count Aida cloth
  4. Embroidery loop or frame (optional)
    • These are great for holding the embroidery cloth taut while you work or for displaying your completed piece

Before getting started, check out these pro tips for stitching your best work possible: A Beginner’s Guide to Cross Stitch.

The Beginner

You’re new to cross stitch but you’re ready to dive right in! Take a sip of tea and get stitching with this simple, easy-to-follow tea cup design.

  Tea Cup Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

The Dog Mom

Your pooch is your best friend and your tea time cuddle companion. Dedicate your craft to your loyal buddy with this cheeky Chai-huahua cross stitch from Etsy.

Chai-huahua Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Spiced Chai Tea Latte

The Dreamer

Your imagination is the driving force behind all that you do. You’re known for your creativity; ideas plume out of you like the swirling steam of this colorful tea cup cross stitch.

Tea Smoke Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Salted Caramel Chai Tea Latte

The Busy Bee

You’ve got so many plates spinning and there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep it all going. But you always make time for chai because it’s always tea time according to this design.

Tea Time Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte

The Jokester

Puns are your special-tea and you never pass up an opportuni-tea for word play. This punny Tea Rex cross stitch will be right at home with you!

Tea Rex Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Slightly Sweet Chai Tea Latte

The Mindful Mentor

You know that a good cup of tea heals all wounds. There’s no problem that two friends can’t solve over a cup of chai. Take a deep breath, take a sip and have this Keep Calm cross stitch to remind you to be mindful.

Keep Calm Cross Stitch

Pair with: Oregon Chai Caffeine-Free Chai Tea Latte

The Superfan

Your day can’t start without your morning Oregon Chai, nothing else will do the trick. You always keep it stocked in the fridge or cupboard because running out isn’t an option. We’ve created a free downloadable and printable pattern just for you: Oregon Chai Logo Pattern


Oregon Chai Cross Stitch Pattern

Pair with: Oregon Chai The Original™ Chai Tea Latte

Do you have a go-to chai and craft combo you love to work on during Me Time? Tell us about them in the comments or tag your chai mug on social!

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