Host the Best Chai Party of the Season



Chai is delicious by yourself, but with friends it’s even better. #WeTime

Research says that women are more likely to drink bagged or single-cup tea, and men are more likely to sip on ready-to-drink tea. Host a chai tasting party to get everyone together for a good time and do some research of your own.

You just need a few things to throw the tastiest chai party of the season:

1. Tea cups

The wilder, the better. In honor of Movember, we have our eyes on these.

2. Spiced and caramel and original, oh my.

Some like it Spiced and some are more Vanilla. For a true tasting experience, you better throw in Slightly Sweet and Salted Caramel, too.

Bonus points if you get everyone to try every flavor.

3. Batch it up.

Mix up a batch of Chai Tea Lattes for everyone.

4. Milk it.

Have a variety of milks available—skim, almond and coconut—so everyone from dairy lovers to lactose-free is happy.

5. From the peanut gallery

Remember to stock up on snacks! If you’re feeling ambitious, whip up this Chai Biscotti or these Chai Sugar Cookies.

Have you hosted a chai party? What are your hostess-with-the-mostest tips?

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